Why is Anna Maria Considered a Paradise?

Anna Maria Island is an island which is 7 miles long and is situated in the Gulf of Mexico on the southern edge, between Tampa Bay and Sarasota. For more than a century it has been considered as one of the best beach destinations for Floridians. Following are the seven reasons for considering this island a great beach spot of Florida Gulf Coast:

1. Sand: Anna Maria Island has pure white powdery sand which is made up of ground quarts. It is naturally abraded from the Appalachian Mountains and washed down into the Gulf of Mexico for years. Since this sand is not formed from seashells and rocks, so one can easily sit on the sand and stroll along it as the sand is very smooth and soft and also a poor conductor of heat thereby protecting the feet from sun burn.

2. Small Business: There was a time when Florida was the beach getaway capital of America. Now corporations have gained advantage of the beach travelers with luxury hotels, roller coasters and restaurants. Small businesses here include wide variety of shops, small restaurants and private cottages and resorts for tourists.

3. Wildlife: The island is witnessed by some of the most beautiful sea creatures around the bays and piers. Dolphins are plentiful and one gets to watch a huge variety of manatee, sea turtles, eagle rays and sea birds. Manatee creatures also known as sea cows, found in the Manatee river, opening to the north east side of the island, are a joy to watch when they meander through the water.

4. Romance: The island is considered to be a great place for lovers because of its spectacular sunsets and captivating beaches. The isolated cottages, seashore views and no noise beaches are completely enjoyed by the lovers.

5. Food: Anna Maria island has many award winning chains of restaurants. According to USA Today and New York Times, the island’s burger joints Skinny’s and Duffy’s Tavern have been rated one of the best in America. At the same time among the finest dining places in the state of Florida are Beach Bistro and The Waterfront.

6. People: The locals follow the evergreen Florida beach lifestyle where most of the population consists of travelers who visited the island and never left it because of its captivating beauty. It holds a population of 1800 people who can be seen celebrating the island’s with multiple events, spectacular fireworks and boat parades.

7. Price: The ocean front rentals are easily available for less than $1000 every week and a complete vacation can be booked by the Americans for a price even less than the price of an airfare to Caribbean or Hawaii. Why spend more if one can enjoy spectacular sunsets, classic beaches, fabulous food all together for just a few dollars?

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