What to Do and See When Touring Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is one of the Gulf Islands in Florida and it is considered to have the best beaches in this state. This means that you can enjoy many beach activities when touring this island. The following are some of them.

Just relax

Anna Maria Island has wonderfully quiet beaches full of sugar white sand. The daily temperature averages at 84 degrees Fahrenheit or 26 degrees Celsius. This makes it a great location to relax as you listen to music on your iPod or read a book. You can also choose to leave devices like your iPod, blackberry, cell phone and laptop at your rental home or hotel and just sit and chat on the beach with your family.

Watch the sun rise and set at Bean Point

Bean point is situated at the northern tip of this island and it provides breathtaking views of sunsets on the west and sunrises from the east on a serene and pristine beach.

Watch turtles

Nesting turtles come to Anna Maria Island from May to October each year to lay eggs and see them hatch. A group of volunteers which is known as Island Turtles works with visitors and islanders to protect the turtles in order to increase their chances of surviving. The group organizes nesting beach excavations and tours as part of its education and awareness program.

Take photos

There are many attractions in this island and you will feel the urge to take high quality photos of the area. Some great photography ideas include taking photographs of the sunrises, sunsets, landmarks and wildlife at Anna Maria Island.

Riding along the coast

You can take a bike ride in the morning or evening and enjoy the attractions along the coast. Another option is to cycle to a well known spot and enjoy a meal or relax at the beach close to the luxury Anna Maria rentals.

Enjoy meals and drinks on the beach

There are many good beach side restaurants on Anna Maria and they offer delicious foods and drinks including fresh juice, fresh fish and salads. You can also take a picnic either by yourself or with friends and family.

Visit the Rod & Reel Pier Restaurant for breakfast

The Rod & Reel Pier Restaurant offers delicious breakfast meals like steak n eggs and pancake stacks with maple syrup and fresh fruit as well as fresh coffee. You can watch dolphins and manatees swim as you eat your breakfast.


As you tour this island, you can also go fishing at the end of the City Pier and Rod & Pier restaurant. The popular island fish here is Grouper.

Collect shells

The beaches of this island have a wide variety of beautiful shells that you can carry with you to be used as ornaments. They are attractive, free keepsakes that will always remind you of the time you spent in Anna Maria Island.

Wed or renew your vows

Anna Maria Island is a popular destination for vow renewals and weddings. You may also combine your wedding, honeymoon or vow renewal occasion with a family vacation. With the many attractions that this island has to offer, you may feel like you do not want to leave.

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