Spring Break on Anna Maria Island

Florida is a great state to spend your spring break as a student, married couple, or retiree. There are many great areas to visit in Florida for spring break, but Anna Maria Island is definitely one of the best places to go if you love the beach. Private beach houses and cottages calm and quiet environment.

Anna Maria Island provides numerous activities for people of all ages. Enjoy a quiet time on the beach or spend the day on the mainland site seeing at Red Barn Flea Market and South Florida Museum in Bradenton . Also take a boat ride to Egmont Key for a nice picnic spot just off shore of beautiful Anna Maria Island. Visit our local charters for more information about off shore fishing and sunset tours .

Peak season starts in late January, peaks around Valentines day and unwinds after Easter. Finding rentals in peak season can be difficult but well worth the effort.

Below is a top view picture of Anna Maria Island, Florida:

Those who are younger, such as students, tend to enjoy the more physically engaging activities that Anna Maria has to offer. Some popular activities for visiting students are horseback riding, kayaking, and fishing. Most enjoy kayaking in Anna Maria Island because there are many safe, clear and shallow water areas that are ideal for kayaking.

If you enjoy just relaxing on vacation and catching up on reading or maybe even sleep then Anna Maria is still a great place to do just that. All year round, especially around the spring times, people enjoy sitting outside, in what seems like a paradise, to relax and enjoy the sound of rustling palm fronds.

Remember, there is always something fun for you to do on Anna Maria Island.

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