Seven Major Reasons Why Kids Love Visiting Anna Maria Island Florida

Anna Maria Island, Florida, is situated on the Gulf of Mexico. It is seven miles in length and has been loved and cherished by tourists for over a century. Anna Maria Island is loved by people of all age brackets. Adults see it as a place to run whenever they need a break from work stress. Children on their own part have several reasons for cherishing Anna Maria Island.

Outlined below are 7 major reasons why Children Love Anna Maria Island:

1. More Than Enough Free Space To Run Around: Unlike other famous beaches known for their attraction to tourists in different parts of the world, Anna Maria Island has enough free space for kids to run around without getting lost. AMI is never overcrowded so kids are always within sight of their parents.

2. Variety of Wildlife Species:A visit to Anna Maria will thrill you with the array of exotic birds that will join the welcome party. Some of the birds that will be on ground to make your Anna Maria visit worthwhile include: Seagulls, Pelicans, Herons, Wild Parrots, Cranes, Dolphins, and Manatees. It is a well known fact that kids connect easily with animals and go ahead to build unforgettable childhood memories that will last long into their adulthood. A visit to AMI is sure to give you such unforgettable experiences.

3.Serene Ocean: The ever calm and tranquil environment on Anna Maria Island is always frustrating to surfers as they have no ocean swells to ride on. Children find this calmness welcoming and enjoyable as they do not have to deal with occasional splashes of salty water. Because Anna Maria Island is situated at the back of the Gulf of Mexico Current, the current and waves generated by AMI is characteristically low and calm thereby providing a safer water for kids to play in than a normal beach.

4. Activities: The experiences had by children on Anna Maria Island cannot be forgotten in a hurry. Whether on water or on the land, every activity children participate in when they visit AMI leaves very pleasant feelings on their tender minds. Some of the activities available for kids on AMI include: The 18-hole miniature golf course known as the Fish Hole located on the Historic Bridge Street. Tour and Rental of Zegways and other fun-filled human transporters offered by Segs by the Sea and Zegways. There is Parasailing for older kids. Charter sailboat tours are magical on sea routes. Motor boat rentals are offered at the Bradenton Beach Marina. The sweet shops on AMI caps it all with a tasty scoop of ice cream

5. Memorable Events: All through the year, there are several kids-oriented parties on AMI. The several visits of Santa Claus and the lit boat parade at bay held every December is one of such events. During spring, such events as St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Bayfest is always held with on pine Ave with lavish music, games and fun. Every 4th July witnesses magnificent display of fireworks over the sea which is jointly organized by the Sandbar restaurants and the BeachHouse.

6. Island Trolley: One of Anna Maria Island’s most iconic images is the turquoise silhouette. The Island Trolley is the most enjoyable way to navigate from north to south in AMI completely free for both adults and kids.

7. Family Bonding: The most important of the reasons why kids love Anna Maria Island is because it provides a time to bond with the older members of their families. They have their mum, dad, big brother, big sister all in one place at the same time. Though kids never voice it out or might never know it, all they desire during such visits to AMI is your undivided attention. A visit to Anna Maria Island Florida gives families the chance to be together, play together and relax without the usual distractions from the bustle and hustle of school and work in the city.

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