Restaurants to Explore Anna Maria Island Vacation

There are plenty of Anna Maria rentals that have full sized kitchens, but if you don’t go beyond the kitchen to explore some of the many unique restaurants the island has to offer, you will be missing out. Listed below are just a few options of Anna Maria restaurants that can provide you with great ambiance and some quality food.
Places To Grab A Convenient And Tasty Lunch On Your Vacation

Exploring the beautiful landscape and beach is great, but eventually you will want to take a break for lunch. The Atlanta Bread Company Bakery and Cafe in Bradenton and are great options for you to consider. At this Cafe, you will find different types of sandwiches, delicious soups, great salads, as well as a selection of expresso drinks or smoothies if you’re feeling thirsty. The prices are more than fair and you are even able to pick your own combination of a sandwich, salad, and two soups for a great price.

Another awesome choice for your mid-day meal is The Sandbar Restaurant. You can sit inside or immerse yourself in a unique environment by eating on the ocean deck outside. You are allowed to call before you come for seating and the entrees range from about $9 to $15. Choose from a list of dishes that are traditional to the area like shrimp coconut salads, crab cakes, tasty ruebens or spice things up a little with items like their burger made with buffalo meat. Don’t worry if you come after lunch time, as this restaurant expands their menu during earlier hours and around dinner time as well.

Easygoing Spots For Dinner Near Your Anna Maria Rental

Mr. Bones BBQ is a must stop dinner location if you are looking for a nice relaxed meal. You’ll find a diverse menu that reaches far beyond the traditional BBQ joint. Choose from a list of salads, submarine sandwiches, and even some great Indian dishes like curried or fried rice. Since the people who own the restaurant have so much faith in the quality of their meals, they don’t even allow the use of spices or condiments like ketchup and mustard. An adult usually pays about $6 to 19$ for an entree and a kid is only about $4 to $8.

Don’t let the name fool you, Rotten Ralph’s is also a good choice for dinner. Meals here start as low as $6 and can range up to about $20 for bigger dishes. Pick from one of the two restaurants they have close to the rentals in Anna Maria. The entrees vary from burgers, salads, steaks, pasta, and delicious choices of seafood like popcorn shrimp, fish and chips, and strips of clam. After your meal, don’t forget about their delicious deserts like the peanut butter and key lime pies.

Looking For A More Romantic Dinner?

There are a lot of great options for a more passionate dinner setting near Anna Maria rentals, the Bonefish Grill being one of them. Located right in Bradenton, this Grill has mastered fish, but also offers some tasty alternatives. You can choose between classic chicken, beef, and pork meals or one of their many salads and soups if you aren’t too hungry. You can also indulge in the diverse menu of drinks like cocktails and wine to put the perfect cap on your romantic dinner.

At the Bonefish Grill, you will also learn a lot about the locations of various fish and the best way to prepare each one to eat. Some delectable seafood selections are the scallops, lobster, Chilean sea bass, rainbow trout, ahi tuna, and many more great dishes from the sea. Prices range from about $12 but if you don’t feel like taking any leftover food with you back to the rental, you can request a tinier portion at a smaller price.

The Beach Bistro is also a great option for a nice relaxed and romantic meal on the Anna Maria Island. Located in the Holmes Beach area, you can easily stroll on down to this popular eating destination from your rental. This Bistro has remained a Florida favorite for almost a decade and has weaved its way on to Zagat’s list of famed ‘Top Restaurants in America’. Also referred to as the best little restaurant in Florida, they have a great selection of lamb, chicken, seafood, and beef dishes that start at around $11 and going all the way up to $78 for more luxurious meals with lobster, lamb, and foie gras.

It may be fun to prepare your own meals in the kitchens that come standard with your vacation rental. Just make sure you don’t let the convenience hold you back from experiencing the culture offered by local dining establishments. Mentioned above are only several of the popular venues to choose from during your Anna Maria vacation. It’s no surprise that with such a diversity of choice in quality restaurants that people are flocking to the Island. You may even find yourself drawn back every year just to dabble with the new experiences the area has to offer.

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