Plan A Romantic Week-Long Vacation on Anna Maria Island

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A vacation on Anna Maria Island exudes glamor and romance. With white beaches, crystal blue seas and stunning sunsets, the island provides much more than the standard week-long romantic getaway. Situated in the Gulf Coast, Anna Maria Island has a plethora of sights and activities for you and your partner to experience. By doing a little research, you can plan your vacation to tailor you and your partner’s lifestyle and choose activities which can add a little spice to your relationship.

Things to see and do for couples on Anna Maria Island
Once you arrive at this tropical paradise and have settled into your accommodation, it will be time to plan an itinerary of all the activities you want to experience whilst on Anna Maria Island. There are several must-do excursions that every couple should take up when visiting the island.

– Tandem Parasailing: Fun & Sun Parasail located near the Bradenton Beach Marina offers parasailing excursions throughout the day, which provide stunning birds-eye views of the island. Depending on the weather, couples can parasail together and spend the day in each other’s company.

– Horseback Ride: A horseback with your partner is a romantic way to enjoy the splendour of Anna Marie Island, providing spectacular views of the coast.

– Dophin Watch: Lil Toot Cruises and Captain George’s Mystic Dolphin Island Cruises are two companies on the island which offer cruises and allow visitors to spot dolphins swimming.

– Spa Retreats: Spend the day with your partner relaxing in a spa and indulge in a tandem facial for two or a spa treatment of your choice.

– Beach Yoga: Island Wellness is a company that teaches yoga classes on the beach, an ideal activity for you and couple to relax and try something new. Group classes require a small donation but there are also private classes on offer with a more intimate setting.

– Dinner For Two: There are wide range of restaurants, bars and cafes on Anna Maria Island, catering to every budget and dietary requirement. Recommendations include Beach Bistro, Ezra Cafe, Sign of the Mermaid and the Waterfront Restaurant. Visitors are also encouraged to sample desert at Island Creperies or try one or their signature crepes dishes.

With a wide range of activities that both you and your partner can enjoy together, a vacation on Anna Maria Island can provide warm year-round weather, delicious food, and a number of different excursions no matter what time of year you visit.

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