Anna Maria Island Website History
First website established on Anna Maria Island was created by Jack Elka for his photography business in the late 1980’s. Later on Mr. Elka created the first Anna Maria Island Chamber of Commerce site in 1990.

1989 the only domain registration company around was Network Solutions. Dot com domain names were $100 to register. Sept. 1989 two registration requests for were submitted to Network Solutions by Bob Perryman and David Billings. Within a few minutes was awarded to Mr. Perryman. domain was used for Sand Pebble Apartments

Once confirmation was sent that was no longer available was registered by David Billings. became the new home of The Anna Maria Network!

Established in 1990 The Anna Maria Network was off to a slow start. Business owner “Frank Davis” Original owner of Island Real Estate said “Dave, I don’t see anything happening with the web anything in the near future. When it evolves I will keep you in mind”… Less than a year later Mr. Davis became a top advertiser! Anna Maria Net’s first hosting client was “Frank Pedota” Anything Goes Dolls & Bears located in the Alexa Plaza Anna Maria, Florida.

By 1999 every small business had a web page or website and majority advertised on The Anna Maria Network. The Anna Maria Network traffic rate became enormous with a hundred times more visitors then Chamber of Commerce website!

The Anna Maria Network became well known after turn of century. Incorporated in the State of Florida in 2001 Anna Maria Net Inc.

By 2004 business on the island was booming! Majority of resort owners were selling out!
Property ownership changed hands to the point it was impossible to keep customer contact.
Founder decided it was best to sell the business.
In 2005 Bob Perryman purchased The Anna Maria Network and domain name

Today The Anna Maria Network has been resurrected through social media.
Island Facebook page reaches over 20,000 people a week with posts!

Want to personally thank our advertisers, Bing/Yahoo & Facebook for making this new adventure possible.
Since 1998 The Anna Maria Network has been recognized by late Governor Lawton Chiles and the Bradenton Herald. “Strive and Survive”

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