Happy Mothers Day 2014

Happy Mothers Day 2014
From our family to yours from Anna Maria Island Facebook! Mom you are a hero from day one…

Spring Break on Anna Maria Island

Florida is a great state to spend your spring break as a student, married couple, or retiree. There are many great areas to visit in Florida for spring break, but Anna Maria Island is definitely one of the best places to go if you love the beach. Private beach houses and cottages calm and quiet environment.

Anna Maria Island provides numerous activities for people of all ages. Enjoy a quiet time on the beach or spend the day on the mainland site seeing at Red Barn Flea Market and South Florida Museum in Bradenton . Also take a boat ride to Egmont Key for a nice picnic spot just off shore of beautiful Anna Maria Island. Visit our local charters for more information about off shore fishing and sunset tours .

Peak season starts in late January, peaks around Valentines day and unwinds after Easter. Finding rentals in peak season can be difficult but well worth the effort.

Below is a top view picture of Anna Maria Island, Florida:

Those who are younger, such as students, tend to enjoy the more physically engaging activities that Anna Maria has to offer. Some popular activities for visiting students are horseback riding, kayaking, and fishing. Most enjoy kayaking in Anna Maria Island because there are many safe, clear and shallow water areas that are ideal for kayaking.

If you enjoy just relaxing on vacation and catching up on reading or maybe even sleep then Anna Maria is still a great place to do just that. All year round, especially around the spring times, people enjoy sitting outside, in what seems like a paradise, to relax and enjoy the sound of rustling palm fronds.

Remember, there is always something fun for you to do on Anna Maria Island.

Why is Anna Maria Considered a Paradise?

Anna Maria Island is an island which is 7 miles long and is situated in the Gulf of Mexico on the southern edge, between Tampa Bay and Sarasota. For more than a century it has been considered as one of the best beach destinations for Floridians. Following are the seven reasons for considering this island a great beach spot of Florida Gulf Coast:

1. Sand: Anna Maria Island has pure white powdery sand which is made up of ground quarts. It is naturally abraded from the Appalachian Mountains and washed down into the Gulf of Mexico for years. Since this sand is not formed from seashells and rocks, so one can easily sit on the sand and stroll along it as the sand is very smooth and soft and also a poor conductor of heat thereby protecting the feet from sun burn.

2. Small Business: There was a time when Florida was the beach getaway capital of America. Now corporations have gained advantage of the beach travelers with luxury hotels, roller coasters and restaurants. Small businesses here include wide variety of shops, small restaurants and private cottages and resorts for tourists.

3. Wildlife: The island is witnessed by some of the most beautiful sea creatures around the bays and piers. Dolphins are plentiful and one gets to watch a huge variety of manatee, sea turtles, eagle rays and sea birds. Manatee creatures also known as sea cows, found in the Manatee river, opening to the north east side of the island, are a joy to watch when they meander through the water.

4. Romance: The island is considered to be a great place for lovers because of its spectacular sunsets and captivating beaches. The isolated cottages, seashore views and no noise beaches are completely enjoyed by the lovers.

5. Food: Anna Maria island has many award winning chains of restaurants. According to USA Today and New York Times, the island’s burger joints Skinny’s and Duffy’s Tavern have been rated one of the best in America. At the same time among the finest dining places in the state of Florida are Beach Bistro and The Waterfront.

6. People: The locals follow the evergreen Florida beach lifestyle where most of the population consists of travelers who visited the island and never left it because of its captivating beauty. It holds a population of 1800 people who can be seen celebrating the island’s with multiple events, spectacular fireworks and boat parades.

7. Price: The ocean front rentals are easily available for less than $1000 every week and a complete vacation can be booked by the Americans for a price even less than the price of an airfare to Caribbean or Hawaii. Why spend more if one can enjoy spectacular sunsets, classic beaches, fabulous food all together for just a few dollars?

Seven Major Reasons Why Kids Love Visiting Anna Maria Island Florida

Anna Maria Island, Florida, is situated on the Gulf of Mexico. It is seven miles in length and has been loved and cherished by tourists for over a century. Anna Maria Island is loved by people of all age brackets. Adults see it as a place to run whenever they need a break from work stress. Children on their own part have several reasons for cherishing Anna Maria Island.

Outlined below are 7 major reasons why Children Love Anna Maria Island:

1. More Than Enough Free Space To Run Around: Unlike other famous beaches known for their attraction to tourists in different parts of the world, Anna Maria Island has enough free space for kids to run around without getting lost. AMI is never overcrowded so kids are always within sight of their parents.

2. Variety of Wildlife Species:A visit to Anna Maria will thrill you with the array of exotic birds that will join the welcome party. Some of the birds that will be on ground to make your Anna Maria visit worthwhile include: Seagulls, Pelicans, Herons, Wild Parrots, Cranes, Dolphins, and Manatees. It is a well known fact that kids connect easily with animals and go ahead to build unforgettable childhood memories that will last long into their adulthood. A visit to AMI is sure to give you such unforgettable experiences.

3.Serene Ocean: The ever calm and tranquil environment on Anna Maria Island is always frustrating to surfers as they have no ocean swells to ride on. Children find this calmness welcoming and enjoyable as they do not have to deal with occasional splashes of salty water. Because Anna Maria Island is situated at the back of the Gulf of Mexico Current, the current and waves generated by AMI is characteristically low and calm thereby providing a safer water for kids to play in than a normal beach.

4. Activities: The experiences had by children on Anna Maria Island cannot be forgotten in a hurry. Whether on water or on the land, every activity children participate in when they visit AMI leaves very pleasant feelings on their tender minds. Some of the activities available for kids on AMI include: The 18-hole miniature golf course known as the Fish Hole located on the Historic Bridge Street. Tour and Rental of Zegways and other fun-filled human transporters offered by Segs by the Sea and Zegways. There is Parasailing for older kids. Charter sailboat tours are magical on sea routes. Motor boat rentals are offered at the Bradenton Beach Marina. The sweet shops on AMI caps it all with a tasty scoop of ice cream

5. Memorable Events: All through the year, there are several kids-oriented parties on AMI. The several visits of Santa Claus and the lit boat parade at bay held every December is one of such events. During spring, such events as St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Bayfest is always held with on pine Ave with lavish music, games and fun. Every 4th July witnesses magnificent display of fireworks over the sea which is jointly organized by the Sandbar restaurants and the BeachHouse.

6. Island Trolley: One of Anna Maria Island’s most iconic images is the turquoise silhouette. The Island Trolley is the most enjoyable way to navigate from north to south in AMI completely free for both adults and kids.

7. Family Bonding: The most important of the reasons why kids love Anna Maria Island is because it provides a time to bond with the older members of their families. They have their mum, dad, big brother, big sister all in one place at the same time. Though kids never voice it out or might never know it, all they desire during such visits to AMI is your undivided attention. A visit to Anna Maria Island Florida gives families the chance to be together, play together and relax without the usual distractions from the bustle and hustle of school and work in the city.

Anna Maria Island Rentals

When somebody thinks about taking a vacation on Anna Maria Island in Florida they are making a really fantastic choice. Balance is key since the bliss of being in front of the sea and the relaxed Florida attitude is always the best choice. The only thing left is making a decision about where to stay.

The solution to the dilemma is really simple: staying at Anna Maria Island rentals surrounded by luxury and quality.
As a first pointer, an individual won’t be able to find a single hotel chain in the island. To the surprise of many, this adds to the island’s charm, since it makes possible experiencing not only a unique and personalized series of services but it also keeps Anna Maria Island particular identity intact.

When it comes to the island, there are many interesting facts and the first one is about available lodging choices. Three types of options can be found and they all range from the budget conscious to the more luxurious; they will be mentioned next:
– Condo rentals.
– House rentals.
– Small motel/resorts.

If a large group of people such as a family or a group or friends visit the island then the best choice is staying at Anna Maria Island rentals. The beachfront is made more beautiful by the sight of the ample selection of condos and rental homes lights. Other important points to consider are:

– The Island is narrow and an individual will be able to access the beachfront from any point with ease which is why it would be wise to save lots of money by avoiding beachfront locations since their price is considerably higher than their counterparts.

– An individual can choose Anna Maria FL or they can also choose Bradenton Beach and Holmes beach since they are close from each other from south to north covering the island.

– A rental agency with experience can be of great help to achieve a fantastic experience since they might recommend fantastic places to go. This also avoids the monetary and time consuming experience of dealing with owners directly.

– It is a good recommendation, when a group of people plan a visit to Orlando and the island to arrange the Orlando part first since once they set foot on the peaceful island, they will find it very difficult to step into a more hectic and fast paced destination.

– A vacation home with a pool is a blessing on a summer day.

– Booking the location in advance is a must since word of mouth advertising creates the interesting effect of booking The Best Anna Maria Rentals up to 9 months to a whole year in advance.

As a final pointer, every single individual who visit the island finds it fascinating. That’s the main reason why they keep coming back again and again. Of course, their favorite Maria Island rentals are very pleased to wait for them year in and out.

Fantasy Wedding on Anna Maria Island

Your wedding day shouldn’t be about substitutions or settling for less. This is the day that will create some of the best memories you and your partner will share for the rest of your lives. Everything should be according to your dreams. Whether you want a small and intimate setting or a grand celebration, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be exactly like you imagined. Choosing the right location is crucial for the best and most magical atmosphere. Hence it is very important when considering where you want the best day of your life to happen.

The Wedding Wonderland of Florida

Now imagine the perfect location with everything you need to create that fairy-tale you had in mind since childhood. Anna Maria, a small island on the Gulf coast of Florida, is known for their magnificent beach catered weddings. Harboring professionals in every area of such special events will leave you with endless choices. You can be in complete control or leave the planning for people who have been doing it for years. Anna Maria lets you accommodate your guests in the luxury resorts with affordable rates. Take advantage of all the local businesses that offer great services from planners, flower arrangements, cake designs to wedding exhibitions.

Nothing is out of Reach

The sound of the ocean humming in the background while you exchange vows and kiss in the dusk light, the clean white sand giving way beneath your feet. With bonfires all around while your guests dance and socialize in the night festivities and finally return to a variety of accommodations that make for a perfect end to a perfect day. In the morning everyone can be entertained with tours and boat rides, or even exploring the splendid scenery which is probably the best part of Anna Maria Island.

Let the honeymoon start right away without having to fly or drive anywhere. Beauty and relaxation comes standard on Anna Maria Island so there is no need to make reservations anywhere else. Whatever you feel like doing is within your means. Scuba diving or drinking cocktails on the beach; driving around on a bike or simply enjoying each other’s company in the exclusive restaurants is all up to you. By now there shouldn’t be any doubt in your mind as to where to plan that mesmerizing day. The perfect wedding has a new definition, and it is Anna Maria Island. Imagination has never been so real.

Anna Maria Island Fall Getaways

Anna Maria Island is located just off of the beautiful Florida gulf coast and as such offers an easy to reach vacation spot for anyone wanting to engage in a tropical adventure. Featuring magnificent beaches, plenty of activities, spectacular landscapes and a plethora of outdoor excursions, arranging an escape to Anna Maria Island will offer something for everyone. Furthermore, as a result of some of distinctive features particular to this island paradise, arranging an off-season visit can be particularly enjoyable. Any time is a great time to visit, but the fall months are a particularly wonderful time for visiting Anna Maria Island.

Less Crowded

Even though the Florida gulf coast is visiting year-round, the vast majority of visitors have a tendency to visit during specific periods. It is quite common for families to plan their trips according to the times that school is closed. College students often visit during their spring breaks. And then there are the many who wish to escape from winter and spring by heading south for an early start on summer. By visiting Anna Maria Island in the fall, visitors are allowed to take in all the natural beauty this area deliver without stressing about congested hotels, dining establishments, stores, and beaches. Opting for an off-season visit helps guarantee an extra degree of privacy to each activity.

Enjoyable Weather

Yet another important benefit to this magnificent seacoast is the year-round temperate weather. Anna Maria Island maintains an average temperature of approximately 74.8 degrees, which means that any month is an excellent time for a visit. On the other hand, the fall months in this area vary with the high temperatures normally ranging from 78.3 degrees to 89.4 degrees. By visiting towards the end of summer, visitor are treated to less heat, yet temperatures are still warm and pleasant at this time. The slightly milder temperatures so still offer fantastic swimming conditions as the ocean temperature remains warm.

Excellent Deals

Excellent bargains are absolutely a bonus to planing an Anna Maria Island getaway during the fall. Florida’s peak vacation season occurs during the first few months of the year. Visiting throughout the fall months can offer a myriad of savings possibilities for the informed vacationer. When making your reservation for Anna Maria lodging, you’ll want to ask about seasonal pricing, special offers, or any discount rates being provided by local establishments. Be sure to also ask about special rates when validating any outings or activities. The savings can really add up!

Anna Maria Island is an excellent destination at any time of the year. However, the above mentioned perks makes it worth considering a fall visit. Lower prices, excellent weather, and reduced crowds can certainly make for a relaxing and stress-free vacation.

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