Obtain Great Florida sailing Experience With Yacht Charter

Obtain Great Florida sailing Experience With Yacht Charter

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What to Do and See When Touring Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is one of the Gulf Islands in Florida and it is considered to have the best beaches in this state. This means that you can enjoy many beach activities when touring this island. The following are some of them.

Just relax

Anna Maria Island has wonderfully quiet beaches full of sugar white sand. The daily temperature averages at 84 degrees Fahrenheit or 26 degrees Celsius. This makes it a great location to relax as you listen to music on your iPod or read a book. You can also choose to leave devices like your iPod, blackberry, cell phone and laptop at your rental home or hotel and just sit and chat on the beach with your family.

Watch the sun rise and set at Bean Point

Bean point is situated at the northern tip of this island and it provides breathtaking views of sunsets on the west and sunrises from the east on a serene and pristine beach.

Watch turtles

Nesting turtles come to Anna Maria Island from May to October each year to lay eggs and see them hatch. A group of volunteers which is known as Island Turtles works with visitors and islanders to protect the turtles in order to increase their chances of surviving. The group organizes nesting beach excavations and tours as part of its education and awareness program.

Take photos

There are many attractions in this island and you will feel the urge to take high quality photos of the area. Some great photography ideas include taking photographs of the sunrises, sunsets, landmarks and wildlife at Anna Maria Island.

Riding along the coast

You can take a bike ride in the morning or evening and enjoy the attractions along the coast. Another option is to cycle to a well known spot and enjoy a meal or relax at the beach close to the luxury Anna Maria rentals.

Enjoy meals and drinks on the beach

There are many good beach side restaurants on Anna Maria and they offer delicious foods and drinks including fresh juice, fresh fish and salads. You can also take a picnic either by yourself or with friends and family.

Visit the Rod & Reel Pier Restaurant for breakfast

The Rod & Reel Pier Restaurant offers delicious breakfast meals like steak n eggs and pancake stacks with maple syrup and fresh fruit as well as fresh coffee. You can watch dolphins and manatees swim as you eat your breakfast.


As you tour this island, you can also go fishing at the end of the City Pier and Rod & Pier restaurant. The popular island fish here is Grouper.

Collect shells

The beaches of this island have a wide variety of beautiful shells that you can carry with you to be used as ornaments. They are attractive, free keepsakes that will always remind you of the time you spent in Anna Maria Island.

Wed or renew your vows

Anna Maria Island is a popular destination for vow renewals and weddings. You may also combine your wedding, honeymoon or vow renewal occasion with a family vacation. With the many attractions that this island has to offer, you may feel like you do not want to leave.

Anna Maria Island: The Perfect Travel and Retirement Location

Florida is known for its abundant sunshine and beautiful beaches. While many people want to live on white sand beaches, others are turning their dream into a reality. Nestled just 40 miles from Tampa Bay is Anna Maria Island. This lesser known oasis features beautiful beaches along the entire barrier island. Being just 7 miles in length, Anna Maria Island allows tourists to enjoy the entire city in just a weekend and residents to really become part of the local community.

The “Island in the Sun” name has been given to the island and for good reason. Temperatures on the island are every bit as serene as a person could imagine. The average temperature during the year is a comfortable 75 degrees. This is the ideal temperature to lay out on the beach, catch some waves or simply walk around the city. In fact, residents are often seen taking a tour of the city on their bikes or using the free trolley that is available to everyone on the island.

Anna Maria Island Activities

The perfect island getaway would not be complete without a slew of activities to enjoy. Being a touristic town, locals and tourists will find a wide array of different foods to eat, shops to explore and people to meet. Some of the most sought after activities include:

· Shopping at local boutiques

· Marine life watching

· Kayaking

· Eating at the famous Rod and Reel Pier

Island Cities

Starting at the north of the island is the city of Anna Maria. This is a prime location for potential homeowners to visit as there are townhomes and condos spread across the city as well as ranches and bungalows. Anna Maria also holds great historical significance and is known as the most historic city on the island.

On the opposite end of the island is the famous city of Bradenton Beach. This tight-knit community has been named one of the best family beaches in the entire country. The waters are pristine and the homes take on a true Mediterranean theme which is appealing to every potential home buyer. With a mere 1,500 residents calling Bradenton Beach home, this is the perfect location for those wanting to live on the beach, but still have their privacy.

The business center of the island is located directly in the middle of the island in the beautiful town of Holmes Beach. Everything from the island grocery store to libraries can be found within the town. Luxury housing is abundant in Holmes Beach and residents are able to travel to the northern and southern points of the island in minutes.

Anna Maria Island is the hidden getaway that every person dreams of living in. There are beautiful, affordable homes, white sand beaches and activities that every person will enjoy.

Fishing Vacation At Anna Maria Island – What To Catch From Where

Located forty miles to the south of Tampa and off Florida’s west coast, Anna Maria Island offers several activities to the visitors. These include spending time on the beach, riding a hot air balloon, golfing, fishing and boating.

Catch Fish from Piers and Bridges

A favorite activity that the visitors to the island indulge in is fishing. This is because the waters in the Gulf of Mexico provide scope for productive fishing during most part of the year. Though canals and back bays are low-key fishing areas, they enable quality fishing.

Visitors can fish from bridges and piers or from a chartered boat. The three fishing piers that are there in the island are the Rod and Reel Pier, Historical City Pier and Bradenton Street Pier. In addition to fishing, the other activities at these piers include strolling, cast netting, photography, baits shopping and eating at restaurants.

One of the top spots that enable visitors to catch different varieties of fish is the Historical City Pier that stretches into the Tampa Bay. Fishermen can always be seen around at the pier, enjoying great luck. The other pier that stretches into the Tampa Bay, Rod and Reel Pier, is also a great fishing spot. The third pier is located at the farthest point of the historical Bridge Street on the bay side.

Chartered Boats

Visitors to the island can arrange chartered boats to the ocean to get a panoramic view of the island, for water sports or fishing in the Tampa bay, Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota Bay and Intracoastal Waterways. Visitors can charter boats for an entire day or part of a day. They can also have captains who will take them to some of the famous spots. After the outing, the fish are cleaned so that visitors can carry them back to their homes.

Vacationers can hire power boats, fishing boats and sail boats on rent from Anna Maria rentals. Experienced fishermen can even rent fishing gear so as to have a private fishing experience. Vacationers who fish from spots other than land or structures fixed to land (bridge or pier) are required to have Florida fishing license.

Catch Different Varieties of Fish

The variety of fish that a visitor can catch from the piers include tarpon, red fish, snook, flounder, trout, jacks, snappers, drums, mackerel, cobia, barracuda, ladyfish, sand perch, king fish, sheepshead, grouper and sharks. From chartered boats, vacationers can do bottom fishing and catch snapper, grouper, amberjack, kingfish, mahi-mahi, black fin tuna and cobia.

It does not matter whether you are a novice or an experienced fisherman; fishing on Anna Maria Island can give you an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Anna Maria Vacation- 4 Fun Things To Do As A Family

If you are looking and planning for a fun filled family vacation spot, you should consider taking a family friendly Anna Maria vacation. The activities on this island promise to keep the pickiest of children content.

1. Beaches make great family vacation spots and the Manatee Beach on Anna Maria is definitely a great place. Mothers can spend a great time tanning while the fathers can bring out the architectural talents in their children by making them build sand castles. This done, you and your family can have a great picnic on the beach or dine in the nearby café and get ready to head to the Gulf for a swim.

However do wait for half an hour after eating to go for a swim and wear sunscreen. In case you have forgotten your sunscreen don’t worry, just head to the nearby shop which provides beach supplies to let families enjoy themselves in the beach for hours.

2. Spend fun time exercising by renting some bicycles and taking a family casual ride to explore the nearby island surroundings. You also have scooters for rent here, which are popular with teenagers and young children. The family will really enjoy travelling as a group exploring the island’s sights while getting some fresh air during their Anna Maria vacation.

3. Chartered fishing boats will also keep families entertained here. Look out for dolphins and if you are lucky, you may even get to see the ocean’s gentle manatee giant. You can also go fishing off the historic Rod and Reel pier. To add excitement, you could hold a fishing tournament between your family members to find who lands the first, biggest and smallest fish. The native fish species you can expect here are trout, flounder, grouper, trout and many more.

4. You will never run out of things to do during your Anna Maria vacation. You can head to the Classic Car Museum in nearby Sarasota and enjoy yourselves seeing Dad become a kid amongst the Bentleys, Ferraris and Cadillac’s here. Another famous family oriented destination here is the Museum of Science and Industry in Tampa that provides great fun, education and entertainment for the entire family.

So from spas to golf there are lots of things and events taking place on Anna Maria islands throughout the year. A vacation here satisfies family members as a whole or individually and you will definitely love the time you spend here reconnecting and bonding as a family.

Plan A Romantic Week-Long Vacation on Anna Maria Island

A vacation on Anna Maria Island exudes glamor and romance. With white beaches, crystal blue seas and stunning sunsets, the island provides much more than the standard week-long romantic getaway. Situated in the Gulf Coast, Anna Maria Island has a plethora of sights and activities for you and your partner to experience. By doing a little research, you can plan your vacation to tailor you and your partner’s lifestyle and choose activities which can add a little spice to your relationship.

Things to see and do for couples on Anna Maria Island
Once you arrive at this tropical paradise and have settled into your accommodation, it will be time to plan an itinerary of all the activities you want to experience whilst on Anna Maria Island. There are several must-do excursions that every couple should take up when visiting the island.

– Tandem Parasailing: Fun & Sun Parasail located near the Bradenton Beach Marina offers parasailing excursions throughout the day, which provide stunning birds-eye views of the island. Depending on the weather, couples can parasail together and spend the day in each other’s company.

– Horseback Ride: A horseback with your partner is a romantic way to enjoy the splendour of Anna Marie Island, providing spectacular views of the coast.

– Dophin Watch: Lil Toot Cruises and Captain George’s Mystic Dolphin Island Cruises are two companies on the island which offer cruises and allow visitors to spot dolphins swimming.

– Spa Retreats: Spend the day with your partner relaxing in a spa and indulge in a tandem facial for two or a spa treatment of your choice.

– Beach Yoga: Island Wellness is a company that teaches yoga classes on the beach, an ideal activity for you and couple to relax and try something new. Group classes require a small donation but there are also private classes on offer with a more intimate setting.

– Dinner For Two: There are wide range of restaurants, bars and cafes on Anna Maria Island, catering to every budget and dietary requirement. Recommendations include Beach Bistro, Ezra Cafe, Sign of the Mermaid and the Waterfront Restaurant. Visitors are also encouraged to sample desert at Island Creperies or try one or their signature crepes dishes.

With a wide range of activities that both you and your partner can enjoy together, a vacation on Anna Maria Island can provide warm year-round weather, delicious food, and a number of different excursions no matter what time of year you visit.

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