Anna Maria Island: The Perfect Travel and Retirement Location

Florida is known for its abundant sunshine and beautiful beaches. While many people want to live on white sand beaches, others are turning their dream into a reality. Nestled just 40 miles from Tampa Bay is Anna Maria Island. This lesser known oasis features beautiful beaches along the entire barrier island. Being just 7 miles in length, Anna Maria Island allows tourists to enjoy the entire city in just a weekend and residents to really become part of the local community.

The “Island in the Sun” name has been given to the island and for good reason. Temperatures on the island are every bit as serene as a person could imagine. The average temperature during the year is a comfortable 75 degrees. This is the ideal temperature to lay out on the beach, catch some waves or simply walk around the city. In fact, residents are often seen taking a tour of the city on their bikes or using the free trolley that is available to everyone on the island.

Anna Maria Island Activities

The perfect island getaway would not be complete without a slew of activities to enjoy. Being a touristic town, locals and tourists will find a wide array of different foods to eat, shops to explore and people to meet. Some of the most sought after activities include:

· Shopping at local boutiques

· Marine life watching

· Kayaking

· Eating at the famous Rod and Reel Pier

Island Cities

Starting at the north of the island is the city of Anna Maria. This is a prime location for potential homeowners to visit as there are townhomes and condos spread across the city as well as ranches and bungalows. Anna Maria also holds great historical significance and is known as the most historic city on the island.

On the opposite end of the island is the famous city of Bradenton Beach. This tight-knit community has been named one of the best family beaches in the entire country. The waters are pristine and the homes take on a true Mediterranean theme which is appealing to every potential home buyer. With a mere 1,500 residents calling Bradenton Beach home, this is the perfect location for those wanting to live on the beach, but still have their privacy.

The business center of the island is located directly in the middle of the island in the beautiful town of Holmes Beach. Everything from the island grocery store to libraries can be found within the town. Luxury housing is abundant in Holmes Beach and residents are able to travel to the northern and southern points of the island in minutes.

Anna Maria Island is the hidden getaway that every person dreams of living in. There are beautiful, affordable homes, white sand beaches and activities that every person will enjoy.

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