5 Exciting ways to Explore Anna Maria Island

Located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, the Anna Maria Island is famous for its breathtaking scenery and exciting adventurous activities that engage people of all age groups. There is so much to see on the Anna Maria island that it is essential to go in with a plan before hand in order to get the best out of your vacation. We list below five exciting ways to help you explore this beautiful island so that you don’t miss out on any fun on your next trip here.

Free Trolley

Free Trolley is an excellent public service on the Anna Maria island. You need to wait at a designated trolley bench to hitch a ride on it. This free trolley offers a ride all the way from Coquina Beach to the public pier on the North side of the city. Since it is very easily accessible with many stops close to the Anna Maria rentals, it helps the visitors to check all the eateries and shops even in the late evening hours. Even those who just want to have a fun day on the seaside can board the trolley as it visits all of the island’s white sand beaches.

Bike Rentals

As much as free trolley is convenient to roam and easily accessible on this island, so too are bikes equally feasible. There will be many local outlets willing to rent you a bike here. You can try to increase the fun factor a bit by renting something less traditional than a classic bike. Make sure to rent enough helmets for safety. Tandem bicycles and three-wheel adult bicycles are also offered on rent here as means of transport for smaller passengers.


The Segway machine is another unique way to roam around the Anna Maria island. The most special thing about segway is that it can be customized as per the traveler needs. You can either sign up for a guided tour to enjoy some of the less famous locations on the island or you can decide to travel on your own.

Electric Golf Cart

Electric Golf Carts are the legal means of transportation on the streets here. A 2, 4 or 6 seater golf cart is a fun way to roam around and completely eliminates the need of rental cars. You can take a golf cart into town for shopping, visiting scenic vistas or just when going for a dinner. Although these carts are not allowed on the beaches, yet they are allowed on the coasts and hence can be used to explore the Emerald coastline.


The most tried and tested method of just walking around leisurely on the Anna Maria island without having any planned destination to go to is a beautiful way to feel in sync with the environment here. Walking bare feet on these gorgeous sandy beaches is a heavenly experience here.

All the modes of transport on the Anna Maria island are so well planned and convenient that it is possible for visitors to reach their destination landmarks without any hassle whichever mode of transport they choose. It is guaranteed that the fun and laid back atmosphere of this place coupled with the exotic scenery of this place will not disappoint any visitor.

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